Patisserie Carton Bag 149 Matbaa Baskı İmalat Matbaacı
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Stok Kodu: Custom logo printed

Custom Printed Carton Bag

Could you send us, referance style number, your prefer picture, print detail, size and quantity please.

The information we need to give you a custom order box price:
Report the type of box you want.
Tell us what you put in the box.
How many grams will be placed in the box
What features do you want for the box

Please send the box picture you want.
Send the box code number you want.
Notify the dimensions of the box you will make special, Depth and height in mm.
If you want to make a special box for the product, please write the dimensions of the letterbox you want by specifying inside or outside from inside.
Please describe the design or send a sample printed picture.
Box width right to left: ... mm
Box depth from front to back: ... mm
Cylindrical box with straight box diameter: ... mm
Box height from top to bottom: mm

Please let us know what you think about ordering a special order,
We produce cardboard boxes. 210 gr, 250 gr, 300 gr, 350 gr, 500 gr, 700 gr can be from the card.

We can make a box from a micro corrugated card
We can make PVC den box
We can make PP den box
We can make PET den box
We can make wooden box
We can make boxes of tin
We can make metal den box
We can make tin den box

We can make boxes with 3D printer
We can make a box as a sample
We can make a cylinder box
We can make boxes from plastic injection
We can make a box with PVC den vacuum,
we can manufacture blister packaging

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